Its always a pleasure talking to people about their needs and there are as many varied needs as there are questions. Most common is “how much CBD should I take”? Even then everyone is different and everyone has a different endocannabinoid system, tolerance levels and health conditions. The standard dosing may effect two people differently. There is no “one size fits all” dosage. To answer this question as straightforward as possible requires your condition to be known and what you may be currently using.

Pain and inflammation is a very common condition that requires exploring. Lets say Emma is a 50 year old female has been experiencing lower back pain and sleep disturbances more nights per week than not.

She tries to do everything right, e.g. exercises, has a healthy diet, does not drink excessively, is not taking any thing other than panadol for back pain, uses meditation and relaxation strategies.

A good starting point for her might be the 1000mg in decarb. At 10 drops starting dose you would be getting 10mg per dose morning and night. The decarb is slightly different to the Raw in that it can relax you, reduce anxiety and assist in sleeping. Emma may decide to take 4-5 drops in the morning because it relaxes her too much. She can then increase to 10 before dinner and 10 drops again for bed. Because this is never a “one size fits all” dosing both you and Emma can increase or reduce drops where and when required. Generally speaking you might increase by 10 drops every 3 or 4 days. Its always best to start low and go slow to test tolerance levels. There is no detectable THC in this product so the chance of intoxication are very very low. A general consensus is that the Raw formula can result in a uplifting or energised feeling and is more suited to daytime usage. However, because she mentioned sleep concerns also we concluded together that the decarb would be a the best option.