As an athlete who competed in “natural” drug tested competition, it always amazes me how naive and biased both the general public and the mainstream media can be regarding drugs in sports.

Shayna Jack has made headlines for her recent “heartache” and “sadness” over her in competition drug test results (as outlined in Ing’s insightful commentary

She’s blaming a supplement she used. I wasn’t a professional athlete, nor an olympic athlete. What I do know though, is that it’s easy – so very easy – to know which substances one needs to avoid to test negative on a drug test. they’re listed here

There’s even an app one can use.

And some basic rules – like, make sure your supplement is made in your country.

And it’s not just for athletes wanting to avoid a 4 year ban from the sport they’ve dedicated their life to. It’s for athletes who want to look after their health and fitness enthusiasts who feel the same.

Look for supplements that have the HASTA logo. Like Body Science

If you can’t read the label – don’t take the risk. It’s not rocket science. In saying that, if you didn’t know, then now you do. And if knowing is as simple as reading this blog…then you have to wonder about an athlete who has dedicated their life to a sport who seems perplexed that this could happen to them….?

Yours in Health – Angie Sweet