3600mg in 100ml Decarb In MCT oil



Endoca is one of the very first and finest producers of this hemp oil in the world. Hemp is a naturally occuring compound also found in hemp plants. This plant contains between 70-120 other cannabinoids. It interacts with your body through the Endocannabinoid system which controls your bodies general state of balance regulating everything from mood, memory, pain signalling and the anti-inflammatory response.

Hemp has been shown to help support functions such as mood, appetite, immune response, pain, sleep and many more.

Our Hemp oil is non-psycho-active and does not leave you feeling intoxicated or high, it contains NO THC.

This decarb has been activated and has been found also to be useful for sleep and anxiety

The 3600mg in 100ml is equivalent to 36mg per ml, that’s almost 2mg per drop. This is the whole plant, full spectrum and organically certified.